BeaconGov’s associates and leaders demonstrate knowledge and excellence for their clients through regular publishing of books, magazines and white papers. Securing Business Intelligence: Knowledge and Cybersecurity in the Post-9/11 world, was published highlighting the synthesis of knowledge management and information security disciplines.

Thriving in the Age of Terror The Thinking Person’s Guide to Security
By Peter Ramsaroop, Ph.D, MBA

  • The “Open Code Organization”—A New Model for the 21 st Century
  • The Hidden Costs Of Outsourcing
  • Protect Your Organization’s Intangible Assets
  • The Coming Retirement Crisis—How You Can Safeguard Your Organization
  • Best Practices In Risk Management Strategies
  • Visualize Your Organization To Success
  • Left, Right, Or Just American—A Responsible Approach To Politics And Policy

Hardcover: 218 pages

Surfing The Leadership Wave

By Peter Ramsaroop, Ph.D, MBA

This book is about leadership and what it takes to succeed in today’s climate while averting the ever-present possibility of the crash. In “Surfing The Leadership Wave,” author Peter Ramsaroop isolates the components of leadership and shows how by adhering to key principles, a person can master — and even dominate— trends, situations and opportunities.

Hardcover: 150 pages
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Advancing Federal Sector Health Care
A Model for Technology Transfer

By Peter Ramsaroop, Ph.D, MBA

With Marion J. Ball, David Beaulieu

Advancing Federal Sector Health Care: A Model for Technology Transfer focuses on current federal sector efforts to shape healthcare efforts that improve performance while containing costs. The solutions offered within include redesigning processes and using enabling technologies to do so.

Hardcover: 395 pages
Publisher: Springer Press