Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing

BeaconGov specializes in 3D Printing, high fidelity model making, machining, and CAD design. Our experts are diverse and dedicated team of engineers and designers demonstrating innovation for additive manufacturing design. We continuously learn and develop new processes and technology to give the client, refined, innovative solutions.

BeaconGov specializes in creating prototypes and models based off of conceptual ideas. 3D printing has been around for several years now, but at BeaconGov we are interested in pushing the envelope by taking the technology one step further. By introducing new finishing methods we achieve results similar to hours of post processing in a fraction of the time. Our parts have a finished quality comparable to the real thing. At BeaconGov, our goal is to provide our clients with a cost effective solution at an affordable price.

Our design team specializes in thinking “outside the box”, simply because our team is assembled differently than most. With backgrounds in mechanical and computer engineering, biology, computer graphics, fine art, and web design, we are simply taught to think very differently from one another. This allows us to form a wide scope of solutions to a problem and creates an environment of constant process improvements, increasing overall efficiency and effectiveness.  Our service offerings are:

3D Printing

BeaconGov pushes the limitations of 3D printing in size, detail, and durability. Our proprietary post-processing techniques are a big draw for clients looking for parts ready for showcasing.

Prototyping & Model Making

Prototyping is where conceptual ideas are designed and tested. BeaconGov has years of experience turning prototypes into presentation ready models for any application, be it an investment presentation, crowd funding attention-getter, or educational tool.

CAD Design

These designs are used as guides for machining and as blueprints for 3D printing. CAD design is the first step to any manufacturing or fabrication process.


Plating can improve abrasion resistance, structural integrity, or aesthetics of a part and can be done on both metals and plastics