Engineering Services

BeaconGov has proven past performance in providing multi-displine engineering services to Aerospace and transportation industries.  BeaconGov supports the following areas:

General Engineering, mechanical, electrical, thermal, and software

General Instrument development

ASIC designs and mixed signal

Parts fabrication, mechanical and electrical

BeaconGov will work with Researchers, engineers, computer programmers, technologists, and other team members to develop the cutting-edge technology needed for space-based research including design/development of Instruments that are also deployed on aircraft, balloons, and Earth’s surface.

We also specialize in Parts fabrication, electrical Work activities may include but are not limited to multi-discipline tasks such as mechanical, electrical, optical, thermal systems, Engineering Support (design, analysis, parts fabrication, assembly and development of assembly procedures, environmental testing of instruments or instrument subsystems or components, system engineering, assembly technician, etc.), custom analog and mixed-signal ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuits), developments of high channel density, and high-performance detector arrays for astrophysical research, etc.