Instrument Design and Fabrication Support

We provide science and general engineering support including Programming, Systems Design, Feasibility Studies, sub-system and component design, to support the various stages of instrumentation development at NASA.

This support will encompass the fields of
– Electronics and Electrical Engineering
– Mechanical Engineering
– Software Engineering.

Our current and past performance in this Sector includes:

  1. Launch Control Application Support – NASA – John F. Kennedy Space Center
  2. Engineering supporting for InFocus Balloon Project Launches (schedules for) add in 2013 & 2014 at Goddard Space Flight Center/NASA
  3. Electrical design, analysis and system support for MAVEN at Goddard Space Flight Center/NASA
  4. Engineering support for Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE)
  5. Detector & detector electronics engineering support for the MOMA Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry at Goddard Space Flight Center/NASA
  6. Software Engineering support for Laser Communication Research Development (LCRD) Mission at NASA
  7. Technical Support – NOAA – NESDIS Data Center:  Providing maintenance and technical support for Legato software at NOAA NESDIS Data Center