Missions and Operations Support

BeaconGov has proven past performance in providing multi-displine engineering services to Aerospace and transportation industries.

BeaconGov provides on-site support and work closely with other members of the team, analyze the mission requirements, define specifications for systems and subsystems where required, troubleshoot, perform design changes, develop test procedures, supervise technicians.

BeaconGov also interfaces with other contractors, assist in interfacing with digital subsystem, assist in overall system integration, testing, deploying instrumentation, assist in thermal vacuum tests on electronic boards if required, testing with lab test equipment, testing with radioactive sources if required, test and integration with detectors and systems.

BeaconGov will work with Researchers, engineers, computer programmers, technologists, and other team members to develop the cutting-edge technology needed for space-based research including design/development of Instruments that are also deployed on aircraft, balloons, and Earth’s surface.