Transportation Technology Solutions

BeaconGov has a proven track record in providing transportation planning and engineering services to various state and local government agencies. BeaconGov provides a wide range of services, including but limited to:

Traffic Engineering Studies

Traffic Safety Studies

Traffic Operational Analysis

Traffic Signal Timing Studies and Design

Traffic Impact Studies

Intersection and Corridor Studies

Transit Planning and Design

Traffic Signal System Design and Operation

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Studies

Transportation System Management & Operations (TSM&O)

Adaptive Signal Control Studies and Implementation

Transportation Planning Studies

Transportation Demand Modeling

Our Clients

BeaconGov works with engineers, computer programmers, technicians, and other team members to develop technology-oriented solutions to provide services in an efficient manner. We have automated traffic data collection using technologies such Wavetronic units, automatic traffic recorders, and video cameras. These solutions provide cost savings to our clients and expedite project schedules. Partial list of our customers include:

US Department of Transportation/Maritime Administration

Florida Department of Transportation

Oregon Department of Transportation

Broward County

San Diego County

City of Miami Beach

City of Coral Gables

Northrop Grumman